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  • SafeAisle®

    SafeAisle® is a revolutionary high-density powered mobile storage system that is an industry benchmark for safety, through its LED Guard Technology and other safeguard functions, while also boosting storage capacity.

  • Mobilex®

    Mobilex® offers organizations the flexibility to customize their mobile shelving systems to suit their unique needs. Combining versatility and functionality, this intelligent solution provides endless high-density movable storage possibilities.

  • Pull-Out Storage

    Montel’s Ceiling-Suspended and Floor-Mounted Pull-Out Storage Panels feature a movable rack system that optimizes efficiency and convenience, making them an ideal solution for storage of paintings in museums and art galleries.

  • ModulArt™

    ModulArt™ Storage Panels System is a freestanding, compact pull-out storage panels system on wheels that provides modular storage of art works in a limited space, making management of museum and gallery painting collections efficient and effortless.

  • Mobile Storage

    Montel’s multi-purpose Mobile Storage Panels feature a lateral sliding rack system that combines efficiency and convenience, making them an ideal solution for suspended objects such as art works, masks, firearms, tools, etc.

  • WIRED®

    WIRED® is a high-density electrical movable storage system that incorporates next-generation technology to offer advanced, cutting-edge monitoring and control, while conferring all the remarkable storage benefits of Montel’s Mobilex.

  • Aetnastak®

    Aetnastak® is a cantilever shelving system that allows libraries of all kinds to store books of all formats. It can be reconfigured in countless ways to meet changing storage requirements.

  • Hybria 4-Post

    Hybria is an elegant library shelving solution that combines aesthetic appeal with storage efficiency, uniting the benefits of the SmartShelf four-post hybrid system and Aetnastak cantilever shelving for libraries.

  • SmartShelf®

    With its inspired four-post hybrid shelving system, SmartShelf® is an open-ended shelving alternative that goes beyond books to store a wide array of storage items, from archives to sporting equipment.

  • MixMedia

    Montel’s MixMedia fixed, stand-alone storage cabinets efficiently manage storage of diverse audio, video and electronic media by using space economically and providing ready access with their handy horizontal and vertical pull-out drawers.

  • MultiMedia

    Montel’s MultiMedia fixed, stand-alone storage cabinets efficiently manage storage of diverse audio, video and electronic media by using space economically and providing ready access with their handy pull-out drawers.

  • Conservation

    Designed and engineered to house a variety of museum collections, Montel’s conservation storage cabinets are incontestably the ideal storage solution for maximum conservation and security.

  • Herbarium

    Designed and engineered to keep your specimen collection safe from dust, light, insects and water, Montel's herbarium storage cabinets have different storage options to fit your collection storage needs.

  • Specimens & Artifacts

    Montel’s specimen and artifact cabinets are versatile, sturdy and reliable, designed to satisfy all your requirements and preserve your collections of precious objects.

  • Geological

    Designed to protect and preserve the essence of your extensive, rare geological collection, Montel’s cabinets are incontestably the ideal storage solution for this type of application.

  • Textile

    The handling and conservation of rolls of textiles require flexible, large capacity storage systems.

  • Entomology

    The secure and sealed storage of various specimens is an important factor in the preservation of insects. Montel’s cabinets are designed to eliminate the infiltration of light, dust or any other type of dirt, water or undesirable vermin while effectivel

  • Garment

    The handling and conservation of rolls of textiles require flexible, large capacity storage systems.

  • Flat File

    The storage of old fabrics, banners, embroidered cloths or various other ornamentation require full surface, horizontal storage to eliminate all risk of deformation or alteration of the precious works of art.

  • 4D Wide Span

    4D Wide Span is a long-span, heavy-duty, four-post shelving system built for items of unusual heights and widths, delivering improved storage of these objects in museums, warehouses and light industrial environments.

  • Cabinet Style

    Montel offers a complete range of storage and file cabinets for all types of material. The system includes accessories for various possible configurations, sure to satisfy your most particular needs.



The Concept

The advantage of Montel’s approach is based on well-established facts.


Visit Montel’s Library Storage Shelving at PLA 2012

Exhibition at the upcoming Public Library Association 2012 Conference on March 14-16.

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Powered Mobile Shelving System

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Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving System

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Expandable & Modular Flooring Mobile System

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Cantilever Library Shelving

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4-Post Library Shelving

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4-Post Hybrid Storage Shelving

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Freestanding Modular Screens Kit

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Storage Panel Systems



Police Storage Lockers



With high-density powered mobile storage systems, getting the most out of your space is a key consideration—but guaranteeing safety is also a must. SafeAisle® will put your mind at ease on both counts. Its LED Guard Technology™ is aimed at providing the most in storage safety.


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Montel achieved numerous prestigious high density storage system installations around the world since 1924. At Montel, it is not about the quantity of installations we performed but most importantly the quality of our realizations supplied with the best products in the industry. Whether you are looking for business storage solutions, industrial compact storage, education shelving & storage, library shelving, museum storage, healthcare storage, public safety storage, government storage, military storage, retail shelving, athletic/sports storage, and even residential shelving solutions, Montel is a global leader for high quality storage and shelving solutions.